Combat veteran needing financial assistance this holiday season

Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska

This wish has been adopted!

Our Story

This past July will mark my 13th year being a United States airmen, in that time I have been on 5 deployments which have included Iraqi and Afghanistan.
This past year has brought on an immense amount of strain on my family’s finances and mental heardship. Between my new school expenses, loss of pay and my recent diagnosis of combat PTSD were are at our limit.
Countless holidays have been spent away from family and friends and this year I would like to ease that loneliness/heartache for some of my fellow airmen.

Number of Household Members: 2


Our Family’s Wish

Our wish is to provide a Christmas dinner for those without the means to travel or spend time with loved ones, due to our own financial struggles we are unable to provide this on our own.

Our second wish would be to provide a gift for a fellow airmen’s family who passed away.