My Husband's Wish

Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska

This wish has been adopted!

Our Story

Both my husband and I are stationed here in Alaska in the Air Force. I’ve been here since 2017 and he got up here in 2019. He has had a hard time adjusting to being away from his family and friends in South Dakota and has been looking for a community and hobbies to surround himself with and ground himself in while here. He has expressed interest in archery and the gun range, so anything to help get him out there and surrounded by like-minded folks and outside would be huge! He is such a leader of our family and has such a good heart. I’d love to be able to make his every wish come true. Especially as we get into the season of our life where we are hoping to grow our little family. He will need a fun hobby to channel his energy into. Thank you to whoever reads this.

Number of Household Members: 2


Our Family’s Wish

A trip for him or us to see his family and friends is the top of my list!

An archery set up (he currently doesn’t have anything at all) would be incredible!