Pushed Back

Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska

 This wish has been adopted!

Our Story

Hello thanks for looking at my family as a possibility ❤we were supposed to pcs in November this year but have been pushed back longer. With this we are pretty disappointed as we were ready to get out of the cold and be somewhere new. We are trying to make the most of it and be hopeful. As I have struggled with postpartum depression, and military work life stress and anxiety. A lot is on my plate to keep me busy and I usually help others and am finally reaching out to be helped as I’ve been overwhelmed and defeated lately. Anything is appreciated and am honored to even have had you read this far! Thank you!

Number of Household Members: 5

Duty Station: JBER


Our Family’s Wish

Master cards that can be used for our pcs in Feb

Vouchers /tickets for kid friendly activities in winter like train ride to the North Pole or staying at Alyeska

Roller bag that fits under seat for pcs and large matching duffel bags