Anderson family

Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska


Our Story

We are a small young family. We just added a new addition to the family in June of 2023 her name is Additlyn and she such a blessing. We found out we were pregnant when we first moved to sitka and I was terribly sick the whole time. And my husband was away from January till she was born in June. It’s been hard being away from our family’s at this time specially when the help would be nice from people we know and trust with our new born. We don’t have much and always trying to save money to try to make sure our Blessing has a blessed future. I know our family is going to try their best to bless our little girl but I don’t want them to go to crazy because they do have their own life and bills yo pay. We are thankful and blessed to have any type of help we can to make her first Christmas a one to remember and show her all the pictures and smiles.

Number of Household Members: 3

Duty Station: Remote Location, Coast Guard


Our Family’s Wish

We have a new baby girl who will be around 6 months in December so toys would be great something to help her walking and she loves to put things in her mouth. Her month size match her age right now and we like southern western country style things as we are from Tennessee. We also going to try to do a gingerbread man Christmas theme this year. As a mom I want a new purse been having my eye on the smoking gun tote, a concealed and carry addition to the haute southern Hyde by Beth Marie family. But it is pricey and would be a good grocery haul for us so haven’t gotten it yet. But cleaning supply’s would be great to a clean house keeps the depression away like maybe a carpet cleaner 🙂 My husband loves charrhartt hoodies,hats and clothes he is a large. Maybe something that matches with Additlyn would be so cute. He does like Aztec pattern Western style stuff also. A bull skull would be good to hang on the wall somewhere. Or some hey dudes in size 9 men. He says a AR or shot gun but I told him that a little crazy.


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