Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska


Our Story

Hello! We are a family of 4 with kiddos ages 9 & 11 & a fur baby (GSP). We survived our first Alaskan winter & enjoying our second winter fun. I am submitting this on behalf of my husband who just returned from a 7 months deployment last week. We love the outdoors and got to explored coastal AK over the summer through the fun events that ASYMCA offered for affordable prices. Alaska is truly a unique place & unlike any other places we’ve ever been to. Where else can I view the aurora from my backbyard?! We are thankful that we all get to be together for the holidays this year. Thank you for all you do for our military family.
God Blessed!

Number of Household Members: 4

Duty Station: Eielson AFB


Our Family’s Wish

Wish#1: AK train ride
Wish#2: Glacier cruise
Wish#3: Snow mobile/dog sled

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