My Little Family

Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska


Our Story

We are a family of 5. We have three kiddos, two little girls and one baby boy. Our girls are 4 and 2, and the baby is 14 months. This is our second winter in Alaska, and we are hoping to get out and explore more this year than we were able to last year. Alaska is a beautiful state, and we are blessed to get to experience it, but living here comes with challenges.

Number of Household Members: 5

Duty Station: Ft. Wainwright


Our Family’s Wish

My 4 year old and 2 year old girl would love to participate in dance classes however it is very expensive for just one child. Paying for two kids is even more insane. All three of my kiddos would really enjoy a membership to the children’s museum, too. We’ve decided to do experiences this year over physical gifts although we appreciate and are thankful for any gift.


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