Family of 5 in kodiak, Alaska

Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska


Our Story

We are a family of 5, a 2yr old girl, a 4yr boy, and a 6yr old girl. We have been Stationed in Kodiak, Alaska sense 2019. It has been amazing to watch our children grow in such a beautiful place. Though the remoteness of the island has several challenges. Such as our children don’t get to spend time with our parents and extended family.

Number of Household Members: 5

Duty Station: Remote Location, Coast Guard


Our Family’s Wish

1: A family trip off island. Getting tickets for a plane ride to anchorage or further would be amazing.

2. A IPad for our children to use for home school activities and communicating with or family off island.

3. A selection of art supplies. Anything from paints and brushes to crayons.

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