Loganbriggs x6

Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska


Our Story

Hello! Thank you for reading our story

A little bit about us, we have lived in Alaska for 2 years so far. We enjoy the beauty of the scenery. Though we enjoy being here, these last 2 years have felt like the craziest roller-coaster ride ever invented. We miss our family members on top of the trials that we have gone through. But God is more than Amazing and Blessings will surely come 🥰
It is myself, my husband, We have an 8 year old boy, 7 and 6 year old girls, and a little one on the way.
We love spending quality time together and exploring new places

Number of Household Members: 6

Duty Station: JBER


Our Family’s Wish

Our first wish: 5 Vouchers from a airline/gift card for airfare so we could go see family members when possible

Second wish: A 3-row suv/van. My SUV crapped out and with the little one on the way, really trying to get my hands on another vehicle that the whole family can fit in

Third wish: 6/7 and 7/8 size pants/tights for the girls, anything girly for toys/ chapstick. Anything learning and board games. Sleds for the winter.
My son absolutely loves Spiderman. Nerf guns to play with. Art supplies. Nintendo switch games or gift cards


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