Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska


Our Story

I was fortunate enough to get my join spouse approved to pcs up here to be with my wife. We got married in December of 2021, and I recently just PCS’d up here to Alaska in July of 2022. We currently have two dogs, one is an Alaskan Village mut and the other is a German Shorthair Pointer. Our time in Alaska has been great so far, we hope to continue to explore all that Alaska has to offer while we are here.

Number of Household Members: 1

Duty Station: JBER


Our Family’s Wish

1. The first wish would be two large airline cages for our dogs. We would like to take our dogs with us when we pcs, and we both feel like the airline cages will help eliminate stress.

2. The second wish would be a PS5 so I could increase my morale by being able to play online with friends and family from long distance.

3. Airpods, I like to use them while I’m in crowded areas, working out, and when I’m cleaning. They increase my productivity when I use them.

Thank you for the consideration and all you do!


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