Air Force Family

Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska


Our Story

Hello and I hope your day is going well. My doesn’t matter, but I have a wife and here is our story.

I joined the Airforce because my wife was pregnant. It was our first child and we were excited and scared. We had no money, no jobs. We were fresh out of highschool learning how to live. I joined the airforce to give us a chance. Weeks after I left for basic training, we lost our precious baby. I found out over a letter my wife had written. We mourned together from hundreds of miles away. I knew that this was the woman I’d spend my life with when I knew she was being strong at home waiting for me to be done. I couldn’t let her down. I fought tooth and nail through BMT to get home to my love. I even bought a ring and proposed to her on the parade field at my graduation. We didn’t see each other for months after that, spending ever second we could on the phone and being near each other any way we could. She came to see me in November and we got married. It wasn’t a beautiful wedding, but she was my beautiful bride and I wouldn’t ask any God for anything different. Finally, we got to be together. In Alaska, nonetheless. I missed her so much and she missed me. Days after she got here, she suffered from a fall and got diagnosed with a seizure disorder that affects her life every day. She’s so strong and so beautiful but it’s hard to watch someone you love suffer. A month later, her dad suffered a seizure caused by a brain tumor. My wife had to go home to see him and thankfully he recovered. After that, we adopted a dog that we adore. We dote on her every day. We’ve been going through ups and down since we have been here but most notably how terrible it can be being so far away from family. Learning how to be adults in Alaska is the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. There’s days we don’t eat, and days we go to the store and realize we can’t afford anything. Fighting for our lives is an understatement. Aside from that, my parents are aging and I miss them terribly. Both of my wife’s parents have cancer, and she’s missing out on days with them that she will never get back. Hopefully we are able to get past this and live a happy life. Its all I want for us.

Number of Household Members: 2

Duty Station: JBER


Our Family’s Wish

Going home to see our family in Nebraska.

Gym Equipment for our home.


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