Adventure Is Out There: Alaskan Experiences :)

Written by Armed Services YMCA Alaska


Our Story

We have been in Alaska for a little over a year. It’s just the two of us for now, my wife and I. Our goal is to explore Alaska together and experience all we can of this beautiful state. For our wish, we’re asking for experiences which are unique to Alaska. We’d love to ride on the Alaska Railroad, explore Talkeetna or Fairbanks, or do a flight seeing tour to see glaciers or other views! We’re open to other experiences as well – those are just at the top of our list. Weekday or weekend experience times are both good for us – whichever is easier.

Thank you for considering our wish list! 🙂

Number of Household Members: 2

Duty Station: JBER


Our Family’s Wish

Alaska Railroad: A day trip, Talkeetna Getaway, Winter Escape, or any other!

Flightseeing Tour out of Anchorage – seeing glaciers, Denali, etc. from the air would be amazing!

Overnight Accommodations in Talkeetna or Fairbanks so we can take a little getaway to drive and see these areas.


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