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Arctic Warrior Wishes

Open to Service Members (E1–E5) Permanently Stationed in Alaska

Spreading Holiday Cheer

This annual holiday program matches service members and military families with community volunteers who want to grant wishes during the winter holiday season. Service members and families (“wish makers”) submit wishes and community members (“wish granters”) select wishes to grant.

Arctic Warrior Wishes is a statewide program. Any service member (E1-E5) permanently stationed in Alaska is able to apply. The 2023 wishlist request period is now closed. Check back in October 2024!

The 2023 wish granting period is now closed. Check back in November 2024!

Wish Granter FAQs

The 2023 wish granting period is now closed. Check back in November 2024.

Anyone can become a volunteer wish granter, helping holiday wishes come true for service members and military families.

Wishes are available to view and select on our website starting each November. Check back in November 2024!

An ASYMCA staff member will confirm your selection once you select a wish. Wishes will include the service member or military family’s preferred delivery method (sent by mail, dropped off at an ASYMCA Welcome Center, or another way). Wishes must be granted by ASYMCA’s predetermined date unless you and your match have mutually arranged otherwise.

Selecting a wish is up to the wish granter. It is possible you may not find the right fit for what you are able to share.

Yes! The only limit to the number of wishes you can grant is the limit you make for yourself.

Our wish makers are aware that their wishes may not be granted in full or exactly as requested. There is nothing wrong with asking to be matched to see if what you can offer will work for them. We just ask that you be understanding if your chosen family declines the match.

If you have been matched with a service member or military family, you may decline the match if you feel like it’s not a good fit. Service members and military families also reserve that same right. We ask that if you choose to decline the match, that you let your wish maker know so that another wish granter may have the opportunity.

Service members and military families determine how contact is initiated. If you select someone who prefers to make initial contact with their wish granter, your first name and email will be shared with the service member or military family whose wish you are granting.

ASYMCA may use your information to reach out to you during the Arctic Warrior Wishes program or to follow up on your experience. You will also be added to our volunteer database and may receive emails about future volunteer opportunities, which you can opt out of at anytime.

No other information will be shared outside of ASYMCA without your permission.


Wish Maker FAQs

All active duty military (E1–E5) stationed in Alaska are invited to submit their holiday wishes! 2023 wish requests are accepted October 16–31.

Military members and/or their dependents who meet the following criteria may submit wishes to the Arctic Warrior Wishes program:

  • Ranks E1–E5
  • Full-time active duty status, AGR, or activated reserves with orders for 31+ days
  • Any branch of service including Alaska Guard and Coast Guard
  • Permanently stationed in Alaska


Yes! This program is open to both single service members and military families.

Applications must be submitted by service members or their dependents. Dependents can complete the application on behalf of their household, but must provide the service member’s information as directed on the application.

One application per household, please.

Wishes for the 2023 holiday season are accepted October 16–31.

We have made an effort to provide you with as much control over what is publicly shared as possible. Our application form notates what information will be publicly displayed.

Service members and military families determine how contact is initiated with their wish granter. ASYMCA will share your name and contact information will only be shared with a wish granter only if you choose to have them initiate contact.

No other information will be shared outside of ASYMCA without your permission.


While there are no strict limitations around wishes, requests should be appropriate, realistic, and thoughtful. Lavish wishes (ex: a family trip to DisneyLand) are typically not accepted.
Have questions about if your wish request falls within guidelines? Please reach out to or call 907-552-9622.

As a wish maker, your obligations are:

  • Be courteous and respectful when communicating with your wish granter.
  • Inform the ASYMCA of Alaska if you want to withdraw from the program.
  • Respond to the ASYMCA of Alaska when we follow up with you about your experience.

Yes. Contact to withdraw from the program. If you have already been matched with a wish granter, you will need to notify them that you are withdrawing.

Yes. If you choose to decline a match, please let your wish granter know in a kind and respectful way. You will need to contact ASYMCA of Alaska at if you’d like your wish relisted.