us army helicopter in the air with a soldier visable

Guardian Angel Program

Available for Service Members & Military Families

Standing with Service Members

When the unexpected happens, service members and families may suddenly face emotional, physical, or financial burdens. The U.S. military offers a range of resources to support service members during crisis. At times, though, additional support may be needed. The ASYMCA of Alaska’s Guardian Angel Program (GAP) assists service members and military families with transportation, housing, and other necessities during times of crisis.

Program Details

GAP is available to service members and military families in times of crisis. A referral from immediate military leadership (such as a first sergeant) is required.

GAP is available on a case-by-case basis to provide the following:

  • Emergency travel for service members or their family for medical or funerary reasons, or for an unusual family crisis
  • Access to clothing, household items, and furnishings through ASYMCA Bargain Shops at no charge
  • Access to food and personal care items through ASYMCA Marketplaces
  • Other support options as necessary to provide temporary relief during crisis

To initiate a GAP request, first sergeants (or equivalent) should contact ASYMCA by calling 907-552-9622 during business hours or emailing our director if support is needed outside of business hours.

Yes. GAP operates with the utmost discretion. A referral is required by immediate military leadership (such as a first sergeant). Assistance is administered solely by ASYMCA directors.

No. GAP offers short-term support and services to service members and military families in times of crisis. It does not provide direct financial assistance.

GAP is an avenue of last resort for crisis and emergency situations. It is not a substitute for support available through DoD or primary aid organizations.